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Count on Conima to give time back to you!

Conima was established to help any size business with their bookkeeping or accounting needs. I absolutely love what I do and thought it would be an amazing adventure to do it on my own and hand select only the very best clients! I love to help companies, whether new or established, make their business the best it can be without having to learn an entirely new job - bookkeeping/accounting. Business owners want to focus on their own idea and grow the business as much as possible. Worrying about the books adds another level of stress that can easily be taken off the owner and passed on to someone that loves this and is happy to do it. This gives business owners more time to focus on their own goals and not have to worry about whether or not their finances are being done the right way. You can count on Conima to get your financial records straight, keep them maintained, streamline and automate processes, and make sure you understand your bottom line so you can accurately plan for the future. Accounting and bookkeeping can be daunting tasks so hand your books over to Conima and let me do the number crunching for you. In return, you will get peace of mind, financial reports that make sense, and confidence that your business is the best it can be. 

Someone once told me that everything to the left of the equal sign was, well, not a nice word. :) Spoken like a true business owner who did not want anything but the final numbers and bottom line. I have always remembered this because I love everything to the left of that equal sign. It tells a story. Sometimes, I have to go backwards and piece that story together. It can take long hours, frustration, sleepless nights, but when I get that story to make sense and flow the way it is supposed to, it is a magical feeling.


So yes, let everything to the left of the equal sign be mine and you can have everything to the right.

My background


I was born way down in southern California, moved to Texas when I was 8, and count Texas as my home. I come from a life of federal law enforcement - dad, husband, brother, stepson - even my mom was a secretary for the same agency! I was the rebel that went outside of it. As life moved along, so did I. My husband and I moved from Texas to Arizona in 2005. Once my husband retired in 2016 (thank God! Being a law enforcement wife is no joke!), we moved to Las Vegas and settled in. The dry heat is better than the Texas humid heat, though we do miss Texas tremendously. We get to see a lot of great shows, travel anywhere quickly, and enjoy the nice weather here (minus the couple of months in the summer). My daughter was diagnosed with epilepsy, a learning disability, and Asperger's (Autism Spectrum) when she was about 11 years old. She is high functioning and now holds a great job, but the road to get there was tough. She inspires me every day to be stronger than the day before. My wish was to one day be able to create my own schedule so that I can be there for her when she needs. And I am finally realizing that dream. Plus, when life gets me down and anxious, Accounting is a great way for me to dive in and get lost in the books. Oh and I LOVE elephants and Christmas.



I originally never set out to work. I only wanted to earn my degrees to have something I knew I had earned myself and could never be taken away from me. The years were going to pass by anyway - was I going to have a degree at the end of them or not? While raising my daughter, I earned my BA in Accounting and my MBA with HR Management  and that was that. I was a stay at home mom until my daughter was heading into 4th grade. She decided she was too old to have me volunteer in her classroom so I decided maybe it was time for me to focus on something else.


I started small. I took a job as a Jr. High School Librarian so that I could keep the same school hours as my daughter. After that, I realized I really wanted to actually put my degrees to work. I applied for a small office job at a fire protection company. I was rejected. And completely heartbroken. I had gone on what seemed like a million interviews just hoping that someone, anyone, would give me a shot. A couple of weeks later, that fire protection company called to tell me the person they chose did not work out. I finally had my foot in the door. And it went lightning speed from there. 


In the ten years since earning my MBA, I went from that office job to CFO of a prostate cancer treatment company.  In between those two positions, I was a Controller at a local office equipment company, a school district's Director of Budget & Finance, an Accounting Supervisor in Vegas for health insurance administration for the largest union in the US - Culinary, and a Financial Controller for an international casino game testing company. 

I have corrected books, established books, balanced to other countries' currencies, dealt with international accounting regulations, developed budgets, created accounting policies and procedures, supervised staff, managed contracts and other agreements, and everything in between. As I said above, I absolutely love what I do and find myself working out formulas and debits and credits in my head at night. Always trying to do better, find better, be better. 

Trust your books to Conima and have more time for your personal life and business goals while also allowing this mom who loves accounting to do more of it every day.

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