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Count on Conima to give time back to you!

Conima was established to help any size business with their bookkeeping or accounting needs. I absolutely love what I do and thought it would be an amazing adventure to do it on my own and hand select only the very best clients! I love to help companies, whether new or established, make their business the best it can be without having to learn an entirely new job - bookkeeping/accounting. Business owners want to focus on their own idea and grow the business as much as possible. Worrying about the books adds another level of stress that can easily be taken off the owner and passed on to someone that loves this and is happy to do it. This gives business owners more time to focus on their own goals and not have to worry about whether or not their finances are being done the right way. You can count on Conima to get your financial records straight, keep them maintained, streamline and automate processes, and make sure you understand your bottom line so you can accurately plan for the future. Accounting and bookkeeping can be daunting tasks so hand your books over to Conima and let me do the number crunching for you. In return, you will get peace of mind, financial reports that make sense, and confidence that your business is the best it can be. 

Someone once told me that everything to the left of the equal sign was, well, not a nice word. :) Spoken like a true business owner who did not want anything but the final numbers and bottom line. I have always remembered this because I love everything to the left of that equal sign. It tells a story. Sometimes, I have to go backwards and piece that story together. It can take long hours, frustration, sleepless nights, but when I get that story to make sense and flow the way it is supposed to, it is a magical feeling.


So yes, let everything to the left of the equal sign be mine and you can have everything to the right.

My background


I earned by Bachelor's in Accounting in 2011 and then my MBA with HR Management Specialization in 2012. Since then, I have been an office manager for a Fire Protection company, a Controller/HR Manager for an office equipment company, a Director of Budget and Finance for a school district, an Accounting Supervisor for the largest union's health insurance administration fund, a Financial Controller for a gaming company, and a CFO for a cancer treatment research company. In addition, I have done bookkeeping, payroll, and accounting on the side for pet retail and grooming stores.

Once I decided to start my own business, I took on a balloon events planning company, a videographer, and two landscaping companies. 

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