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Having clean and organized books is of the utmost importance when owning a business. Your books tell a story that helps determine your path for planning in the future by utilizing the historical data to highlight all areas that are working or needing improvement. Conima can help get your books cleaned up, automate processes to ensure every transaction is categorized and recorded properly, and maintain your books to generate financial statements that are accurate and detailed.

Bookkeeping Services in Las Vegas, NV
Accounting Services in Las Vegas, NV

Accounting services take bookkeeping to the next level and beyond. If your business needs more than bookkeeping, but not as many services as a CFO, this service is perfect! Conima can provide all bookkeeping aspects plus financial statements analysis, budget planning, monitoring, variance analysis, payroll, and much more to provide you with the overall financial health of your company. Accounting takes a deep dive into your books to provide expert advice on how to make sure your business is succeeding financially.

Conima offers every aspect of financial planning with Fractional CFO Services. This is a great choice for businesses that do not have the budget to hire a full-time CFO, but still need the expertise. From simple bookkeeping to future planning for your business, Conima can help with every step along the way!

Fractional CFO Services in Las Vegas, NV
Mobile Notary Public in Las Vegas, NV. Remote Notary Online Notary Nevada Notary

Coryne Martinez, the owner of Conima, is a commissioned Notary Public for the State of Nevada. Not only can Coryne perform traditional notarizations, she can also perform electronic and remote online notarizations through BlueNotary and DocVerify platforms. More platforms will be added soon! If you would like Conima to add a specific online platform, please reach out to make sure the State of Nevada recognizes the requested platform and Coryne will be happy to add it to her notary commission.

Conima excels at setting up charts of accounts and cleaning up books that may have been difficult to keep track of. Diving into the financial transaction history to determine the proper course of action and adjusting entries as needed guarantees an accurate financial picture of your company. From there, it is easy for Conima to maintain the books properly. Business owners rarely go into business to keep their own books and they soon learn it is something that is vital, but time consuming. Not to mention, you likely did not go into business for bookkeeping! Let Conima handle your books so you can handle your business!

Financial books set up and clean up
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